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Introducing our law firm

We are a firm committed to public service and providing legal assistance to the people of Western Kentucky. At all times we strive for integrity, compassion and justice.

Introducing Frazer Law Office

Frazer Law was originally established in 1968 by William Greenwell. Since that time, the firm has constantly grown and evolved, adding new attorneys and expanding. Over the years, Frazer Law has produced two Commonwealth Attorneys, one Assistant County Attorney, and a Family Court Judge.

Our Areas Of Practice


Probate and Estate Planning

Frazer Law has a large concentration in probate and estate planning matters. Progressive estate planning techniques are utilized which incorporate interdiscipline cooperation with other professions (i.e. insurance services, C.P.A.’s, Banks, Financial Planners, etc.) to assist, when appropriate, in a coordinated “team approach” to estate planning and asset preservation.


Real Estate Law

Frazer Law practices in both commercial and residential real estate law in Crittenden County and surrounding counties. Whether the matters are complex such as boundary line disputes, adverse possessions, partitions, and such, or routines deeds, title examinations, and real estate closing, Frazer Law is the firm that has distinguished itself in this area of the law. Also, Frazer Law is an authorized title insurance agent for Fidelity Land Title Insurance Company. Frazer Law has written title insurance for Fidelity Lawn since 2001.


Municipal Law

Frazer Law represents the City of Marion and City of Salem and continues to do so by advising the Counsel and the Mayor in matters related to municipal actions.


Frazer Law represents the Livingston County Board of Education and continues to do so by advising the Board, the Superintendent, and other school officials in matters related to actions taken by the Board of Education.


Family Law

Frazer Law works in the field of family law which includes, but is not limited to, divorce, custody, adoption and guardianships.


Personal Injury -

Property Damage

Frazer Law represents plaintiffs (injured parties and their families) in regards to personal injury and wrongful death actions in both state and federal courts.


Debt Collection

Frazer Law actively pursues the payment of debts owed by individuals or businesses.

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